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What is TERAS Channel Partner Program?

Collaboration create more possibilities. This is a place where we create global partners with TERAS. It is focused on building successful solutions-based business by providing business, technical, marketing and go-to-market support

Go-to-Market (GTM) Partnership Accelerator Program

This program is tailored to gather cloud computing, Internet of Things (IoT) and other related intelligent business services to upscale entrepreneurs to deliver 4th Industrial Revolution products and services. GTM Partner Accelerator screens new providers, then helps structure their marketing, compensation and support programs to make them channel-ready. The Program provides master agents with the ability to sell services under a single Partner Accelerator agreement. It is designed to expand the categories of vendor and providers that can participate.

Why Work with a TERAS Partner Program

As the company expands into global markets, we are building a robust network of channel partnerships to support customer requirements worldwide. We truly believe that our channel partners are the cornerstone to our success and TERAS Teknologi is committed to building and maintaining strong, mutually beneficial partnerships around the globe.

Why Join The (GTM) Partnership Accelerator Program

Collaboration is critical for TERAS to interact with partners to realize shared goals. This interaction can take many forms, but problem solving, open communication and sharing of best practice ideas are at the top of the list. This partnerships allow resources to be shared between both parties, including consultancy, education, and expertise, as well as more tangible resources like technology, capital and marketing material from TERAS.

What’s Coming in 2019

With 4th Industrial Revolution being the main mindset of TERAS organisation, we have segmented the appropriate market to be targeted which include Smart Mobility, Public Services and Buildings. Although our playfield is in Tolling Management, opportunities are now broaden with the Partner Program therefore we are there to grab it.

Benefits of Being a TERAS Channel Partner Program

Our channel partner is designed to nurture profitable channel partner relationships based on the following key guiding principles:

Shared Value

Build efficient processes to make it easier to value add your products and services and support TERAS end-user clients.

Business Enhancement

Reward results and foster growth and increase likelihood of accelerating your success

Business Enablement

Provide thought leadership through technology innovation

Broad Opportunities

Deliver world-class sales, marketing, training, and technical support


Rich Engagement

Respond quickly to channel partner needs

Become a Partner

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