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Learning about the importance of Customer Centricity Culture, from Helmi Hafifi, TERAS Technology Hardware Architect

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Back in October 2022, as part of PLUS Malasyia Berhad’s Customer Centricity Culture Program to strengthen its culture in putting customers first in everything it does, our colleague Helmi Hafifi Bin Harun was awarded the Highway Stars Award as a recognition for his demonstration of exemplary customer focus in his everyday work. Helmi is part of our TERAS Teknologi department and played a key role in advising on crucial RFID improvements including the efforts to reduce slow RFID detection issues at toll plazas.


Helmi began his career with TERAS as a product developer in the hardware unit, subsequently assuming the role of a hardware architect. His role in TERAS requires a lot of customers engagement, including processing customer inputs, analyzing client requirements and to coming out with the best hardware solution designs. All while, meeting customer expectations and to creating great customer experiences. Helmi has a great personality that makes him the go-to person internally (for projects, sales, marketing, support, and maintenance) for all things related to TERAS technology research & development. As an architect, customers of TERAS know him as a walking reference and a trusted adviser in product specifications and technicalities.

We had the opportunity to catch up with Helmi and learn more about what Customer Centricity means to him. Let’s hear some great sharing from Helmi on why it's important for organizations to adopt Customer Centricity as part of their culture.

Q: How would you define customer centricity?

Helmi: "Pelanggan Kita, Tetamu Kita". From this slogan all I can say, always listen to our customer feedback and from there we can provide the best solution that will exceed customer expectations. It's all about listening to our customers and understanding what they need and want. Then we work hard to make sure that their experience with us is always positive, because we know how much it means to them. From there, we can come up with solutions that meet or exceed their expectations, and that's how we ensure that our customer will keep coming back for more!


Q: Why do you think customer centricity is important?

Helmi: Customer centricity is important to me because it leads to customer loyalty. This is important for business sustainability because it is the result of a company consistently meeting and exceeding customer expectations. Customers who trust the companies with whom they do business are more likely to return. Simply put, if you don't have happy customers, your business will fail. In conclusion, loyal customers are simply better for business because they help the company’s business grow.


Q: What method do you use to delight customers?

Helmi: We all know that the customer is always right. But how do you go above and beyond to truly delight your customers? What I use to delight customers is through building trust by being transparent and honest, engaging with customers regularly and keeping them close by providing great customer service. By following these three methods, I believe that you can be sure to delight your customers and build a strong relationship with them.




Helmi's perspective on customer centricity is definitely a very important lesson for all of us to learn from. At TERAS, customer centricity is a big part of how we work, as we humanize technology and deliver real value to our customers. Keep up the good work, Helmi! Thank you so much for leading the way in being customer focused. This inspiring so many of us to do our best too!

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